The Alabama Land Trust and the Georgia Land Trust have protected more land than any other southeastern conservation group, according to the latest survey by the Land Trust Alliance.

The Alabama Land Trust, with offices in Birmingham and Piedmont, and the Georgia Land Trust, with offices in Savannah and Columbus, protect more than 153,000 acres of private land, primarily by working with private landowners to establish conservation easements on their family and investment lands.

The Alabama Land Trust protects more than 56,000 acres of land in Alabama, and the Georgia Land Trust protects more than 96,000 in Georgia.

The sister organizations — Alabama Land Trust, Georgia Land Trust and the founding organization, Chattowah Open Land Trust — have a common board of directors, professional staff and executive director, Katherine Eddins.


This Georgia landscape is among the 96,000+ acres in Georgia protected through conservation easements with the Georgia Land Trust.