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The Gill Family on the Cover of the latest Newsletter

The Gill Family on the Cover of the latest Newsletter

dedication has allowed us to achieve.

This month we will talk to Joseph “Moe” Gill, who has an easement next to Fort Stewart, in Savannah, Georgia. Moe’s easement is part of a program that allows the military to have war games and not disturb the neighbors. The program is called an Army Compatible Use Buffer (ACUB), and it sets aside land close to military installations as low population density. Suburban development has crept closer to military bases over the years and has in some areas, dedicated battle training, mostly due to noise.

Mr. Gill’s easement is a 500 acre spread in Liberty and Bryan Counties and was once a turpentine farm. Now, Moe grows crops and harvests trees. He is also trying to restore some of the native wiregrass to the area. Read more about Mr. Gill in the latest newsletter. If you have not signed up, please do so at this link .